Liveware 2019 performance set comprised of Michael Century, professor at Rensselaer Arts Department and Shawn Lawson, professor at ASU School of Art. The name Liveware plays off a slang term that denotes the “human operator” in computer systems. Lawson is a practitioner of live-coding using graphics languages he developed himself. Century performs on piano and keyboard, and uses software he developed allowing live manipulations.

Only New Works to the Liveware theme are on this page. Please refer to the first Liveware 2017 page and second Liveware 2019 for earlier works.

New Works:

Michael Century, Latent Cartographies [1, 2]
Philip Glass, Satyagraha
Philip Glass, Akhnaten


[1] Expanded Instrument System, EIS, with the Permission of The Pauline Oliveros Trust and The Ministry of Maat.

[2] Topi Tjukanov, Mapdreamer (2020) pre-trained network – CC0 1.0 Universal –

  • Year: 2021
  • Media: Live-Coding & Piano, Piano/Keyboard & Machine Learning