Liveware is a new performance duo comprised of Michael Century and Shawn Lawson, both Professors in the Rensselaer Arts Department. The name Liveware plays off a slang term that denotes the “human operator” in computer systems. Lawson is a practitioner of live-coding using graphics languages he developed himself. Century performs on piano and accordion, and uses software he developed allowing live manipulations. Programming assistance from Jeremy Stewart and Igor Carvalho. Performance assistance from Eric Miller.


Works performed:

Steve Reich, Piano Counterpoint

J. S. Bach, French Overture and Introduction

J. S. Bach, Partita #6, Corrente and Gigue

Bach-Busoni, Adagio from BWV 564

Michael Century, Improvisation for Expanded Piano

Morton Feldman, Palais de Mari

Philip Glass, Music in Contrary Motion

Michael Century, Elegy in memoriam Pauline Oliveros

  • Year: 2017
  • Media: Live-Coding & Piano, Accordion