Deckard considers the contemporary psyche in which fact and fiction, alternate realities, and shadow-conspiracies coexist. In this dystopian fever dream, technology charges forward, championing a victory of sorts over our collective viral mortality, despite increased suppression, marginalization, and disparity. In keeping with these themes we return to the classic film Blade Runner, released in 1982 but set in a fictional 2019 – coincidentally prescient to our very real 2020. We see a similarity of techno-optimism vs techno-control, economic divergence, and fear of fact vs fiction. We intermix audio and visual fragments of interstitial calm obscured within and by the truly surreal nature of current existence. We collage these media pieces in a process-art method to “make sense” of, and cope with, this global new normal. 

  • Year: 2020
  • Media: Tidalcycles, GLSL