Binaural Composition for Electronics and Reembodied Sound

Berlin Head Metal is a large-scale, four movement binaural sound work. All sounds were derived from metal percussion instruments using re-embodied sound techniques. Metal Percussion instruments were recorded, the recordings were then played back through the same instruments using surface transducers, and recorded again. The first three movements were composed using over 1000 samples from six instruments, consisting of large and small chau gongs, two large Vietnamese gongs, a Thai button gong, and a bell plate. The recordings were then played back into the instruments they were initially played on, through an attached surface transducer, and recorded again to create a new set of samples. This process was repeated until the sound reduced to the base resonance of the instrument.

The audio-driven visuals are a direct response to the harmonic overtones and moments of aural alignment in the musical composition. Moments of overlapping visual congruence emerge from layers of activated patterns. These visualizations were programmed in Touch Designer.

Matthew Goodheart – Composer

Shawn Lawson – Visuals

  • Year: 2020 (Visuals), 2019 (Audio)
  • Media: TouchDesigner
  • Audio Copyright 2019