“Psyleron is a company and research organization that explores the connection between the mind and the physical world. Discoveries made at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory have shown that human intention and group dynamics can influence the behavior of quantum electronic devices known as Random Event Generators (REGs). Psyleron was founded by PEAR scientists and associates with the purpose of conducting continued research, developing products and applications based on its findings, and facilitating public exploration of mind-matter effects.” – www.psyleron.com

My inclination has been to utilize the psyleron as a listening device. It taps into the conscious and subconscious streams of those aware of the device. Subliminal Wiretapping becomes a mix of ouija board and free writing. Letters are chosen to create words. A sequence of words can generate meaning similar to a montage or collage. I envision these surrealist like combinations as a listening post to the potential alternate realities that exist elsewhere in our personal holograms of time and space.

The following are a few interesting anecdotes that I noticed changes in the psyleron’s behavior while working, testing, and exhibiting. The text generated seemed to develop different dialects based on the awareness and presence of those around it. A base state (no interaction) produces what appears to be a droll selection of words; and at times even repetition which seems nearly impossible. In interaction state, I’ve noticed that the dialect or types of words chosen change based on who is within subliminal reach. Oftentimes several participants will be trying to figure out what a particularly long and obscure word is when someone new walks in and immediately knows what it is. Almost as if their language dialect was influencing the psyleron in a premeditated fashion. As written about by reporter Doug Gruse from the Post Star in Glens Falls, NY, “On a recent afternoon, the REG [psyleron] appeared to be picking up some vibes from the gallery of visitors. A gray haired man, who seemed to have been dragged to the exhibit by a female companion, reluctantly walked up to a high-tech installation. ‘What the hell is that?’ he muttered as he glanced at the screen. Seconds later, the word “geriatrics” appeared. In the course of a few minutes, other words scrolled on the monitor. Svelteness. Verographically. Irreclaimability. Fates. Ewe.’ ”

Subliminal Wiretapping is composed of two applications running simultaneously: one is graphics front end and the other is everything else. The graphics application was created using the Unity3D game engine. Unity3D manages the drawing, animation, and sound. The other application was written in Objective-C. It is the core of the system and communicates to the psyleron, the printer, and the graphics engine. The core application and Unity3D communicate via the Open Sound Control standard. Subliminal Wiretapping required the writing of the first macosx compatible psyleron driver.

  • Year: 2009
  • Media: Interactive