S(around)OUND was a new media performance under leadership of Michael Oatman and myself, professors in the School of Architecture and the Department of Arts respectively. The performance was a collaboration between the visiting artist Todd Reynolds and the students of Professor Oatman and myself.

S(around)OUND was an electro-acoustic, luminous, inflatable, interactive, and vertically transporting performance in the historic Gasholder Building (1872) in South Troy, NY. This circular brick building, previously known for supplying the gaslights through Troy and recently filled in to become an equipment storage facility, housed three nights of experimental sound and light. Guests traversed a path from outside the building through and into a flexible corridor inside the building. Next they explored around and through inflatable, interactive projection surfaces, to find one of six lifts that would transport the guests into the roof trusses. Throughout the experience, Todd Reynolds performed acoustic violin transitioning to electro-acoustic, creating a haunting variety of sound-scapes, filling the volumetric extents of the building.

S(around)OUND was the second in a series of three Production Installation Performance (PIP) combined Arts & Architecture courses funded by the Chris ‘49 and Marcia Jaffe Foundation.

  • Year: 2012
  • Media: Performance, Interactive Media