Sarlacc, an audio-visual performance, features live coded visuals within the OpenGL fragment shader, that are reactive to incoming audio frequencies parsed by band. Sarlacc merges elements of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), J-Pop, Gif-Culture, and mechanical/electronic-inspired audio-visuals. The overall experience is unequal parts pop-culture, abstract expressionism, and glitch-art.

This work was created in residency at, and with support from, CultureHub in New York City.

Sarlacc won Gold Level recognition from the American Pixel Academy in the 7th Annual Pixie Awards.

Visuals are live-coded in Google Chrome using the OpenGL fragment shader language. Audio is performed in Ableton Live.

Created by the collaborative group The Rebel Scum, aka: Obi-Wan Codenobi, Shawn Lawson, and The Wookie, Ryan Ross Smith.

  • Year: 2015
  • Media: Live-Coding
  • Length: 20 min
  • Group Website: