Neo Tokyo, ca. 2019, 31 years after World War III, Akira awakens. This homage is an audiovisual, live-coded performance, remixing and re-envisioning the 1988 classic film created in the year of its setting, 2019 and reimagined now in 2022/2023 as the audiovisual work DEF FUNCTION(DYSTOPIAKIRA).

The authors use the code editor Jensaarai to collaboratively and simultaneously live-code TidalCycles and Python, each supported by SuperCollider and Touch Designer on the backend respectively. The authors often collaborate remotely due to their respective locations which is facilitated by Jensaarai. This enables the client-side rendering of both audio and visuals in order to retain high-quality representations of both elements.

Samples from Piksel Festival XX in Bergen Norway

Audio: The Wookie, Ryan Ross Smith,

Visual: Codenobi, Shawn Lawosn,

  • Year: 2022
  • Media: Live Coding